Seaside Soap Dish Fused Glass Gift Set


The Seashore fused glass soap dish has been created by fusing layers of art glass together with speckles of different shades of blue. I then fuse the layers of glass together in a specialist glass kiln, up to 800 degrees, before cooling it slowly to ensure it's strength. The soap dish is then fired again in a ceramic mold to create the dish shape. A beautiful, natural, hand-made soap (with no nasties) is then added and tied with a ribbon to complete this gift. The soap is made with natural ingredients in the UK.

The soap may not look identical to the one in the photograph, but will be just as lovely. This soap dish style is also available in other colours, such as greens, pinks, purples, browns, creams, black, red, yellow or a combination of colours. Please email me if you would like a particular colour combination to match your bathroom or loo. The seashore soap dish measures approximately 11cm by 8cm. Your soap dish will be made to order and will look similar to the one pictured but not identical. Your soap dish will come carefully wrapped in tissue paper and bubblewrap for a secure delivery. If you would like to give this as a gift, I can send it directly to the recipient with a message of your choice.

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