Spring Green Fused Glass Lacy Sculptural Bowl


This bowl started life as hundreds of tiny grains of glass, which I have heated in a glass kiln to a temperature of around 800 degrees. The tiny pieces then melt together to form a delicate lacy pattern. I then heat the glass again to slump it in a bowl mould. The whole process takes about two days for the glass to be heated and gradually cooled twice. Your lacy bowl will look similar to the one in the photograph but not identical as the glass moves around in the heat of the kiln and creates random lacy patterns. The green lace bowl is approximately 17 cm in diameter. I will use plenty of bubble wrap when posting this item to ensure that it arrives safely with you. Please message me if you would like to discuss making this dish in a different colour. If you are giving the dish as a gift, I can include a personalised message for you at no extra cost and post it directly to the recipient.

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