Millefiore Flower Fused Glass Wave


'Millefiore' means a million flowers in Italian, and with bright bursts of colour....this hand-made fused glass art wave is as happy and fun as an Italian summer! I have created this glass art wave by fusing slices of millefiore flowers on to some green green grass, and bright blue skies, with thin copper wire for the stalks.

To create this free-standing wave, I fuse the glass twice in my specialist glass kiln overnight. The first time I fuse the flowers design on to layers of art glass. Then I fire the glass a second time so that it slumps down into a mould to create the wave shape. I think that this millefiore flowers wave looks gorgeous on a window sill, so the sunlight can bounce through the glass, but it also looks beautiful on a simple shelf or mantlepiece. If you place candles or fairy lights behind the glass, the light shines through and reflects the colours of the glass.

Designed and hand-crafted by me in my studio in East Sussex, your fused glass millefiore flowers wave will be made to order, so may vary slightly from the photo. The flowers will be multi-coloured, but if you would like specific colours included, please send me a message. The wave measures approximately 22cm wide by 6cm high. This design is also available in a light-catcher, trinket bowl and coaster. If this art glass wave is a gift, I can send it directly to the recipient along with a message of your choice.

Your glass will be carefully wrapped in tissue paper, bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure it's safe delivery.

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